Saving Money at the Grocery Store: How I cut my snack allowance in half!

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

I feed a family of 4, two adults and two toddlers and I am always looking for ways to save money on groceries. Toddlers may not eat as much food as an adult but they are still expensive to feed when you take into account all the “special” food I need to buy for them. For example, I need to buy apple sauce pouches because my children have not yet mastered the skill of spoon to mouth. I also need to buy 5 cartons of almond milk a week! And don’t forget the snacks! My kids don’t eat meals. Instead they graze all day.

I’m currently unemployed and a stay at home mom so I took some of this time and geared it towards saving on our grocery bill. This week I was able to cut our snack allowance in half! How did I do this? I shopped around, couponed, bought in bulk and got creative.

Shop around!

While I was at Big Lots looking for party supplies, I noticed that their apple sauce pouches were insanely cheap compared to my local grocery store. A sale on apple sauce pouches at my local grocery store is usually 4 pouches for $2.50. I cringe every week when I have to buy these. That’s over .60 cents a pouch. Ugh! While perusing the aisles at Big Lots I noticed they sell the 12 packs of the same apple sauce pouches for $4.00! I quickly did the math and realized that’s only .33 cents a pouch. That’s getting the same pouches for half off! I grabbed enough for the month.


While looking over the grocery store flyer, I noticed Cheerios were on sale for $2 a box if you buy 4 boxes. Not a bad deal when you compare them to baby puffs. Baby puffs are around $2 a container and only 1.5 oz. A Cheerios box is 9 oz. and for the same price you get 6 times more cereal! Not only was this a good deal, but had .50 cent Cheerios coupons that double at my store. After my Saving star rebate of $1, each box was only .75 cents!

While I was grocery shopping I noticed Smart Food was on sale for $1.99 a bag and each bag had a coupon on it for $1 off when you buy 2. I bought two bags for $3.

Get Creative!

When I looked into the shopping cart, I quickly realized I had some great supplies for trail mix. Cheerios, popcorn, and I needed something else…PRETZELS! I grabbed a giant family size bag of pretzels for $3. I was going to grab some M&M’s for the trail mix but decided against it, only because I know one of my kids would only eat the M&M’s and refuse the rest. I now have the supplies to make trail mix all month long for less than $10!

I was spending $10 a week in snacks with pretzels, veggie fries, and apple sauce pouches. By shopping around, using coupons, and getting creative, I was able to cut our snack budget in half!

Do you have a creative way of saving? Please share!