My kid eats dirt

My kid eats dirt and I don’t care. I know that dirt is, well, dirty and not meant for consumption but lets be real, most of the food we feed are children is not meant for consumption. McDonalds? KFC? Not real food and I can tell you why; my first son had fast food for the first time when he was a little over one years old. We decided to go on a camping trip, a story for another post, but on the way we decided to get KFC. My son had a chicken tender and some wedges. Let me tell you the green slime that oozed out of him and crept up his back in the middle of the night was enough to convince me what fast food does to your body. That stuff is not meant for human consumption and adults must have some kind of tolerance for it from years of consuming process food. Anyways, if you want to feed your child fast food, that’s fine with me but don’t judge me for my kid eating dirt. If my child wants to take a big ol’ fist full of dirt to the face, so be it. It’s organic isn’t it?