Grocery Shopping: 10 Tips to save over 50% on your next grocery bill

You spend how much on your groceries?

I was visiting a friend when the topic of grocery shopping came up. We compared bills and I was startled to hear the difference in out bills; she pays $225 a week for a family of four while I pay $80. Granted her family consists of a college student and a teenager, but still, does that warrant a $145 difference in our shopping bills? Maybe, but I doubt it. If you feel your grocery bill is out of control, keep reading and I will share with you my tips and tricks to save a penny at the grocery store.

 10 ways I save over 50% on my grocery bill each week


    1. Shop at the grocery store where you feel most comfortable. A new, less expensive grocery store recently opened near me but it’s always crowded, the aisles are small, and the costumer service is sub par. I would rather shop my regular grocery store where I know the layout, the employees and when they have their “specials”.
    2. Use their reward system. My grocery store has an app where I can download store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and collect gas points!
    3. Shop the flyer and only buy what is on sale. Everything goes on sale at least once a month. Chicken, for example goes on sale every other week. Be patient and buy in bulk when it does go on sale so your not missing out on those non-sale weeks. I recently bought 6 cartons of almond milk because they were on sale for only $2 when they are usually over $3.50 a carton. We go through 3 cartons a week so I knew it would not go to waste and saved myself $10.
    4. Buy the day old bread. I get great deals from the reduced bakery section including bread, rolls, bagels, muffins, and pastries. I can usually get breakfast for the week for less than a $1! I can also make some sort of pizza, whether its english muffin pizza, flat bread pizza, french bread pizza. Give me a carb and I can make a pizza out of it!
    5. Buy dented cans, out of season, and discontinued items. My store has a couple shelves in the back of the store where you can find these items or sometimes you can find them in the aisles with clearance tags. You can score some great items for real cheap here. I recently bought 5 cases of organic juice boxes for half off because they changed the company changed their logo.
    6. Use coupons! I’d like to be an extreme couponer but I just don’t have the time or energy to invest in such an endeavor to make it worth my wild. However, I do use, a free website to print out coupons from home on items I know I’m going to purchase.
    7. Join a Facebook group for your grocery store. They will often post match-ups between sale items and coupons to save you even more money!
    8. Use Catalinas.  Catalinas are coupons that you receive checkout when you purchase a promotional item. You can receive a coupon for a certain item or money off your next order.  For example I bought 6 Gerber meals that were 20% off at my grocery with a $1 off 3 meals manufacture coupon and received a catalina for $2 off my next order coupon for buying 6 of them.
    9. Manager Specials. My store will often hold manager specials when they order too much of a product and they know it will go bad. For example, my store will have corned beef cabbage on manager special the day after St. Patrick’s Day. These are great opportunities to stock up the freezer.
    10. Search for a local wholesale. I recently discovered a local wholesale  fruit and produce company that holds a farmer’s market every weekend to sell off what they couldn’t sell wholesale to restaurants. I save between $10-$15 on produce every week and buy way more fruits and vegetables.
      This is how I am able to save over 50% on my grocery bill every week! Follow these tips and see how much you can save on your next shopping trip. Already save a ton on groceries? Feel free to comment and let me know ways that you save.