Please tell me if I’m raising a bully

  1. Raising a bully

Since a new school year began, I keep hearing a recurring theme on social media; kids treating other kids like shit, AKA bullying. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones that got to be apart of the “it” crowd in school and never endured bullying but I bet at some point in your life you’ve felt the effects of being bullied. Bullying is the repeated, unwanted  aggressive or intimidarng behavior of one towards another with an unbalance in power.  I know first hand that bullying sucks.

So how do we stop bullying?

I’ve heard of parents contacting principals, counselors, bus drivers but I never hear about the parents of a bully being contacted. How do they react? I could be wrong but I honestly believe that the majority of parents do not want their child to be a bully. I don’t believe they sit up at night and hope their child aspires to be a bully.


This is what they hope for instead. They hope for their child to have a better school experience than they did. They work long hours to ensure that their child has the best of everything; the Patagonia jacket,  lululemon gym clothes, the newest Jordans, the latest iPhone with unlimited data, the list could go on forever. My point is while that parent is making sure that their child has everything they could possibly dream  of to be successful, and by successful I mean popular, they do not know what their child is doing with this new success. They are not on the bus or in the hallways to monitor their child. How do they know if they created an entitled asshole?

They don’t know and here’s why;

The majority of bullying goes unreported.

kids do not report it or if they do tell a parent, they handle it as a family and often don’t persue it further.

Please! Please! Please! Tell me if my kid is being an asshole. I want to know. Sure, I might be embarrassed but I want to rectify that problem ASAP and I can only do that if I know how he is acting while I’m busy at work. As a teacher and a parent I often notice that children find themselves entitled to certain things and that transcends to their behavior.

It is a privlege to have nice clothes.

It is a privilege to have nice sneakers.

It is a privilege to have wifi and a phone

It is a privilege to hang out with friends

It is, however, a right to have a free and appropriate education and you can receive that education without any of the privileges mentioned above.

Please tell me if my kid is being an asshole.