OMG! I’m that coworker

I work at a small alternative school and last night was prom. I love chaperoning prom. It’s such a great time to watch the kids enjoy themselves and mingle with coworkers. On the ride home I was thinking about a conversation I had with one of my coworkers, the subject was about being tired. She talked about going out to Boston and how she was too tired to watch a concert and I talked about my kids, how exhausting motherhood was and shared photos of my children with her. I didn’t think much of the conversation until I was driving home and realized that only one other coworker has children and they are much older. The rest of them are free to do whatever they want, when they want. Every morning before the students get off the bus, we engage in small talk, whether that’s going to the gym, second jobs, movies, sports, date nights with our significant others or for me, parenting. I’m so busy feigning for adult conversation that I never realized that the parenting subject only pertains to me. So while they discuss the latest movie or the news or sports or whatever they have in common, I’m over here having a one sided conversation.
“Yesterday, my toddler nature pooped on the rhododendron.”
“My baby went to his 9 month check up, he’s in the 100 percentile.”
“My toddler told me that I have to share. Can you believe his sass!”
“My 9 month old is already in 18 month clothes. He’s a chunka!”
I am that obnoxious coworker that won’t stop talking about her children. I can’t believe that it’s May, one month from graduation and I’m just realizing this. Do I regret it? No.
Sorry coworkers but it’s for my sanity that I get adult conversation in and although I do have adult interests, I just can’t partake in them at this time. So I guess you’re stuck listening to my day to day task of parenting.
“My toddler used the potty today, instead of the rhododendron.
My baby pulled himself up. He’s getting so big….