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My name is Starr and welcome to my blog, Adulting Mama. I’ve been a special education teacher for over seven years and have spent the last four teaching high school English. A common theme that comes up every year is how to adult or better known as adulting, the act of being an adult. It’s a struggle for all my students.
How do I apply for this job?
How do I get my license?
How do I pay this bill?
What my students don’t know is that adulting is a constant struggle for myself and I’m 35 years old!
Did I pay the mortgage this month?
Did I double book appointments Saturday?
Did I leave my grocery list on the kitchen table?
Different questions, same struggle.
Apparently I wasn’t satisfied with the mundane struggle of adulting and decided to add parenting to my struggle list. I have two beautiful boys, one a toddler and one a baby. They are a dream come true and well, sometimes a nightmare.
I enjoy saving money, spending time outside in nature with my family, and laughing….a lot.
I want to share my journey with you in hopes that you too will laugh a lot and find some comfort that you are not alone in your struggle.
Thanks for reading,

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Wicked Good Deals

I might struggle with adulting and parenting but finding a good deal is something I’m solid at. I want to dedicate this page to some of the wicked good deals I find and products that I am willing to pay extra for because they are just that awesome. The following posts will contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will be compensated.

Working mama guilt

Date night!

This weekend my husband and I went to a concert and spent the night in Boston. It was such an amazing time; to feel free and let go of all responsibility for one night and selfishly self-indulge. When your a mom, you constantly put everyone before you, and this night was all about me. Yes, I drank too much. Yes, I ate too much. Yes, I stayed up well past my bedtime. I repeat, it was AMAZING!

So why don’t I do this more often?

This was the third time in three years that we left the kids for an overnight. Part of the issue is finding someone we trust to watch the kids, then there is finding someone who has the muster to handle our two children, and lastly, I have this overwhelming feeling of guilt. That straight up, yucky, turn your stomach sour, self-hatred, bad mama, guilt.
Why? Because I’m a working mama. I feel that I’ve already asked too much of my children by working 40 hours a week. Does anyone else struggle with this? I feel like this is the working mama paradigm. On one hand, you work because you need to be financially responsible, find some sort of self-identity that is more than wiping butt and because, lets be honest with ourselves, you need a break. But on the other hand you feel guilty. You feel guilty that being a mom is not enough and you need something more. You feel guilty that you secretly enjoy that quiet ride to work or that built in lunch break. You feel guilty that you leave your kids with someone else for the majority of the week.

I carry all this guilt with me.

I carry all this guilt with me everyday and by adding a date night into the equation, it’s just too much guilt for me to handle. I know I need to make time for myself and for my marriage, and I do, about once a year. Is it as often as I want it to be? No. But is it something that I can handle right now? Yes. I know the working mama guilt will subside once my kids are in school so for now I need to just relish in the amazing night I had in Boston and dream about next year’s date night.

morning rituals

This morning I woke up to my 2 year old informing me that he needs to use bathroom. He knows how to go by himself but I guess he feels the need to tell me regardless. Anyways, as I was drifting in and out sleep I heard the distinct sound of splashing. Yes, my son was playing in the toilet that he just peed in.

chocolate cake

I trusted my two year old to hold a chocolate cake on his lap on the ride home from grandma’s house. Needless to say, that was a fail.

Parenting Fails

Parenting is full of highs and lows; we laugh, we cry, and we grow. There was no manual sent home with our baby and with everything new, there is a learning curve. I’m sharing my journey with you and with every new adventure, there are epic fails along the way. Please share with us some of your parenting fails so we can laugh, cry, and grow together.

Blogging is hard work

Start a blog, it will be fun.
Start a blog, it’s so easy.
Start a blog, it’s a great stress release.
Start a blog, you can make money.
I just want to take a minute and have real talk. Blogging is hard work. Don’t believe the hype on Pinterest. This blog has been super frustrating. I have been working on this blog for around a month and every time I have a great idea, I find some barrier blocking my way. Put ads on your blog to make money; it’s been three weeks and I’m still waiting for approval. Make your blog interactive; the plugin is not working properly. Add pictures; make sure they are not copyrighted. Add content; blog has a fatal error and you need to Youtube how to do code to make your blog up and running again. This may sound like easy fixes for the average millennial but I grew up with the Doogie Howser word processor, legendary for its green pixelated pioneers of Oregon Trail. I had dial up growing up! So needless to say, I’m currently struggling with this computer tech stuff. I really do have some fantastic ideas and I ask you to please be patient while I try not to smash my laptop while I try to figure out how to make this blog a success.

OMG! I’m that coworker

I work at a small alternative school and last night was prom. I love chaperoning prom. It’s such a great time to watch the kids enjoy themselves and mingle with coworkers. On the ride home I was thinking about a conversation I had with one of my coworkers, the subject was about being tired. She talked about going out to Boston and how she was too tired to watch a concert and I talked about my kids, how exhausting motherhood was and shared photos of my children with her. I didn’t think much of the conversation until I was driving home and realized that only one other coworker has children and they are much older. The rest of them are free to do whatever they want, when they want. Every morning before the students get off the bus, we engage in small talk, whether that’s going to the gym, second jobs, movies, sports, date nights with our significant others or for me, parenting. I’m so busy feigning for adult conversation that I never realized that the parenting subject only pertains to me. So while they discuss the latest movie or the news or sports or whatever they have in common, I’m over here having a one sided conversation.
“Yesterday, my toddler nature pooped on the rhododendron.”
“My baby went to his 9 month check up, he’s in the 100 percentile.”
“My toddler told me that I have to share. Can you believe his sass!”
“My 9 month old is already in 18 month clothes. He’s a chunka!”
I am that obnoxious coworker that won’t stop talking about her children. I can’t believe that it’s May, one month from graduation and I’m just realizing this. Do I regret it? No.
Sorry coworkers but it’s for my sanity that I get adult conversation in and although I do have adult interests, I just can’t partake in them at this time. So I guess you’re stuck listening to my day to day task of parenting.
“My toddler used the potty today, instead of the rhododendron.
My baby pulled himself up. He’s getting so big….

Let me tell you about diapers

I’m not a diaper snob, but I am. I am a frugal spender and will pay less for something if I can. However, sometimes quality trumps quantity and diapers is one of those products. Over the course of almost three years I have used Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, Target, and CVS brand diapers. I’m pretty sure Huggies were developed by a female because I have only heard success stories from mothers of girls. Maybe girls tinkle while boys stream? I don’t know. What I do know is that both of my sons have leaks when they wear Huggies. It’s not like they’re thin diapers, they can handle a lot of liquid. It just seems the extra absorbent areas are not where boys need it and therefor they leak. I have tired Luvs and found them to be time consuming. They are time consuming because you need to change a diaper like a newborn, every hour. My sons can fill up a Luvs diaper in less than an hour and when you change them, a Luvs diaper feels like a sponge dripping with liquid as you lift it to the diaper pail. Gross! Target was basically the same, super thin and doesn’t last long. I was pleasantly surprised by the CVS overnight diapers but because they are overnights, you get less diapers and it’s like paying for a premium brand. So last but not least, Pampers. I have never had an issue with Pampers. My favorite Pampers are the baby dry. These diapers are universal. They last during the day, through the night, a long drive, and it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl, I’ve never heard a mom complain about a Pamper baby dry diaper. They are simply, hands down the best diaper. Now, these diapers are not cheap. They cost up to 5 cents more a diaper compared to the cheaper brands mentioned above. However, are they really more expansive in the long tun? They last longer than the other diapers so you use less of them in a day. They do not leak so you are saving yourself detergent and hot water with laundry. Plus, you are saving time! Saving time from changing diapers and doing laundry. It’s totally worth it in my opinion. I used to buy my diapers at CVS with coupons and extracare bucks but when you add in the time and effort, I find Amazon family to be the way to go.

With Amazon Family you get an extra 20% off diapers. Right now you can get 180 size 4 baby dry for $28. That’s a good deal when you compare to Target at $46 and Walmart at $35. It took me a while to sign up for Amazon family because I was in denial and thought I could get a better deal with coupons, giftcards, and whatever other promotion I could find, but trust me, this is a great deal for diapers with no strings attached.

My kid eats dirt

My kid eats dirt and I don’t care. I know that dirt is, well, dirty and not meant for consumption but lets be real, most of the food we feed are children is not meant for consumption. McDonalds? KFC? Not real food and I can tell you why; my first son had fast food for the first time when he was a little over one years old. We decided to go on a camping trip, a story for another post, but on the way we decided to get KFC. My son had a chicken tender and some wedges. Let me tell you the green slime that oozed out of him and crept up his back in the middle of the night was enough to convince me what fast food does to your body. That stuff is not meant for human consumption and adults must have some kind of tolerance for it from years of consuming process food. Anyways, if you want to feed your child fast food, that’s fine with me but don’t judge me for my kid eating dirt. If my child wants to take a big ol’ fist full of dirt to the face, so be it. It’s organic isn’t it?