Please tell me if I’m raising a bully

  1. Raising a bully

Since a new school year began, I keep hearing a recurring theme on social media; kids treating other kids like shit, AKA bullying. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones that got to be apart of the “it” crowd in school and never endured bullying but I bet at some point in your life you’ve felt the effects of being bullied. Bullying is the repeated, unwanted  aggressive or intimidarng behavior of one towards another with an unbalance in power.  I know first hand that bullying sucks.

So how do we stop bullying?

I’ve heard of parents contacting principals, counselors, bus drivers but I never hear about the parents of a bully being contacted. How do they react? I could be wrong but I honestly believe that the majority of parents do not want their child to be a bully. I don’t believe they sit up at night and hope their child aspires to be a bully.


This is what they hope for instead. They hope for their child to have a better school experience than they did. They work long hours to ensure that their child has the best of everything; the Patagonia jacket,  lululemon gym clothes, the newest Jordans, the latest iPhone with unlimited data, the list could go on forever. My point is while that parent is making sure that their child has everything they could possibly dream  of to be successful, and by successful I mean popular, they do not know what their child is doing with this new success. They are not on the bus or in the hallways to monitor their child. How do they know if they created an entitled asshole?

They don’t know and here’s why;

The majority of bullying goes unreported.

kids do not report it or if they do tell a parent, they handle it as a family and often don’t persue it further.

Please! Please! Please! Tell me if my kid is being an asshole. I want to know. Sure, I might be embarrassed but I want to rectify that problem ASAP and I can only do that if I know how he is acting while I’m busy at work. As a teacher and a parent I often notice that children find themselves entitled to certain things and that transcends to their behavior.

It is a privlege to have nice clothes.

It is a privilege to have nice sneakers.

It is a privilege to have wifi and a phone

It is a privilege to hang out with friends

It is, however, a right to have a free and appropriate education and you can receive that education without any of the privileges mentioned above.

Please tell me if my kid is being an asshole.


engineer prints: decorate on a budget

Engineer prints: decorate on a budgetI’ve lived in my home for six years and have already changed the living room decor SIX times! I’ve painted twice, changed the curtains twice, wall hangings four different times, furniture three times, and the area rugs twice.

Is this even normal?

According to “Staging for Dummies” people on average redecorate every 5 years. I guess I like change a little more than others but I think my reason for this is largely due to my impulsivity. I’ll find some amazing piece for the house at a ridiculous cheap price only to bring it home and realize it goes with nothing. Instead of placing the item in the closet or give it away, I redecorate the room to go with the great piece I found. Crazy, right?


I love to shop and decorate…..on the cheap!

So for all you crazy people that change your house decor on the regular, I found the best, most affordable way to change your wall art. It’s called engineer prints and you can get them at Staples. Engineer prints can print up to   36″x 48″, that’s huge and you can get them for less than $10! You can print in black and white or color. It’s recommended that you print in black and white if you are printing a photo. The resolution is not amazing but overall for the price, I am impressed.

Engineer Prints are great for a budget.

After the dogs decided to shred the foam from our couch and there was no way to salvage it, I decided it was time for new furniture. I shopped around and found some items that I liked but my tight purse strings would not budge. With the new edition of two young children, I new that a new piece of furniture would not last in my house. I decided to go on Craigslist. A young family from the city was expecting a baby and needed to sell their barely used furniture from their study to make a nursery. I got an amazing deal on a loveseat. $75 for a loveseat that costs over $500 in store. Awesome!

Engineer prints: decorate on a budget

I would just like to add here that I am thankful for buying used on Craigslist because my two year old smeared Hershey kisses on this loveseat…


Of course my wall art did not match the new couch so I went on the search for new wall art. I was Pinteresting for inspiration when I came across this free printable for feathers. I decided to make engineer prints of them and bought two large poster frames from Amazon. You can buy MCS Original Poster 24×36 Inch Frame(2pk), Black (65594) at an affordable price but I personally like thicker frames like this one, Craig Frames 1WB3BK 24 by 36-Inch Picture Frame, Smooth Wrap Finish, 1-Inch Wide, Black. I chose a frame in blue to go with my curtains.

Engineer prints: redecorate on a budget

The hardest part of this project was mounting the pictures. Engineer prints are printed on thin paper and if you don’t mount them, they will not lay flat in the frame. If you mount them incorrectly, then you face the chance of ripping the paper when you try to remount. Best advice, TAKE YOUR TIME! I used spray adhesive and a credit card to smooth out the bubbles.

Here is a picture of the end result.

Engineer prints: decorate on a budget

Sorry the picture is so dark but I had to cover the bay window because of all the shadows it was causing. Overall, I am happy about the project and look forward to switching it up in the future. I definitely see this as a cost efficient way to redecorate without breaking the bank.

Do you have any inexpensive ideas to redecorate? Please share and comment below.

Gender Equality Starts With Our Children

Raising boys. Gender equality. Gender rolesEven before our children are born we set into motion gender identity, pink for girls and blue for boys. When we bring our babies home from the hospital, we place them in their nursery that is themed for a little boy or girl. Sometimes we might decide not to know the sex of our baby and chose to decorate a gender neutral nursery, but how long does that neutrality last? How long before relatives and friends start giving you gifts identifying gender. Girls receive dresses, dolls, and frilly pink stuff while boy receive trucks, building blocks and an array of blue clothing. Why do we do this? Why do we feel the need to prove the gender of our children to society?

I recently read an article about how Megan Fox, the actress from Transformers received a bunch of backlash when she posted pictures of her 4 year old son wearing an Elsa dress from the movie Frozen. Some comments on her Instagram account included, “No values. No morals. Promoting gay perversion.” Another comment, “It is not okay for a boy to walk around in their mother’s heels. Just like it’s NOT ok to for a child to be disrespectful.”

Raising boys. Gender equality. Gender neutrality.
This is not the only incident of mom shaming I have seen regarding a son wearing girl attire. A local women recently wrote about her experience being accosted in the middle of the street by a stranger for her son wearing a tutu.

Raising boys. Gender equality. Gender neutrality

Can we stop for one minute and think about this?

“No values. No Morals.”

Value as defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Value: something (such as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable

Valuable: having desirable or esteemed characteristics or qualities

Now that we know the definition of value, lets look back at the comment that refers to Megan Fox having “no values.” Does she not hold a principle, characteristic, or quality that is intrinsically valuable to her?  I think she does.

I think Megan and every other parent who does not enforce gender roles values individuality, creativity, and perseverance.

Individuality to be the person that they want to be.

Creativity to dream big without constraint.

Perseverance to pursue those dreams and break barriers.

Morals defined by Merriam Webster dictionary:

Morals: a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do
Is it not acceptable for a mother to want their son to value individuality, creativity, and perseverance? These are traits that I value as a mother and want to instill in my own sons. However, these traits are stunted by traditional gender roles.
I know, it’s 2017 and I bet some of you are thinking there is equality between women and men, but is there equality?
Why do women still make 80 cents to ever dollar a man makes
Why does the glass ceiling still exist?
Why are we the only industrialized nation with unpaid maternity leave?
Have you heard of the pink tax? Manufacturers will make identical items and charge more for the product geared towards females.
I hate to say it but in 2017, gender equality still does not exist in America.

Why is there still a gender gap in 2017?

“Dress up is for girls.”
“Baby dolls are for girls.”
“Princesses are for girls.”
These comments are continuing to perpetuate the gender gap. Moms and dads alike tell their daughters that they can be anything they want to be. Even Disney tells your daughters to, “Dream Big Princess”. Yet boys, they continue to be told that they can’t have that “girl” toy or they can’t dress like that because it’s “girl” clothes. We can’t have it both ways; we can’t tell our girls that they can be anything that they want to be and our boys that they can only be masculine and expect there to be equality between the genders.
Let’s look at the comment that was made about Megan Fox, “It is not okay for a boy to walk around in their mother’s heels. Just like it’s NOT ok to for a child to be disrespectful.” Are you saying it’s  not ok for my son to want to be like me? Why? Because I’m a girl? Why wouldn’t I be a good role model for my son? I’m his mother.

Are you saying it’s disrespectful for my son to want to be like me?

Raising boys. Gender equality. Gender neutrality.
My son likes to put on my jewelry and shoes! Why? Because he wants to be like me. He also likes to color coordinate with me. Why? Because he looks up to me. I’m his mentor and that’s the way it should be. Why would I tell him otherwise?
Lastly, I would like to address the comment, “promoting gay persuasion.” If you do a little research, you will find that gender and sexual orientation are two separate ideas. Gender is a social construct that distinguishes between man and woman while sexual orientation refers to a persons sexual identity and who they are sexually attracted to. Having your four year old boy wear a dress is not going to influence his sexual identity because he doesn’t have a sexual identity and if he does, I would be more concerned about that than his dress.
Raising boys. Gender neutrality. Gender equality.
My son goes to daycare with two girls and plays dress up, house, dolls, and plays with glitter. He also goes to gymnastics because he is a ball of energy. He trots around the house in my heels and wears my jewelry. I would like to think I’m raising a boy who will treat the opposite sex with respect. I’m raising a boy who idolizes his mother and wants to be like her. I’m raising a boy to be an individual, to be creative, and to persevere to be whatever he wants to be.

Dream Big Boy!

Please share your thoughts on gender roles, gender inequality and mom shaming.


Parenting Fails: July Round up of the best parenting fails on the internet

parenting failsParenting is full of highs and lows; we laugh, we cry, and we grow. There was no manual sent home with our baby and with everything new, there is a learning curve. I’m sharing my journey with you and with every new adventure, there are epic fails along the way. Please share with us some of your parenting fails so we can laugh, cry, and grow together.

Parenting fails, we all have them. Here is some of the funniest parenting fails for the month of July.



Fellow Mommy Bloggers share their #parentingfails:

#1. Adultingmama: I was driving to the local fair with my two boys in tow when I started to feel overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed with using my GPS, watching out for pedestrians, searching for free parking, coordinating a meeting place with dad, and answering the 353rd “why?” question my toddler asked me on the way to the fair.


I took a deep breath and quietly breathed the words, “oh crap”. My two year old instantly picked up on my frustrations and informed that I shouldn’t say “oh, crap” but to say “Jesus Christ”

“Mama, you want to say, Jesus Christ!”

#2. Jayne at thisconnecticutmom.comI recently taught my three year old his first joke. “Guess what?” …. “CHICKEN BUTT”. It was funny the first couple dozen times. Then he started saying it in public and to his grammie. And it became not so funny. My husband was like, good job there mom. … We’ve since got him answering the joke with PIZZA HUT! It’s not as funny but it’s also not something I’ll have to worry about when he goes to preschool in a month. Not my smartest moment


#3. Becky from  My daughter loves to paint, we do it all the time. She knows the rules and never makes a mess. So one day she was painting I decided to take a shower, she comes in and asks if she can do a handprint. We’ve done this before so I said ‘sure just be careful!’. Few minutes later she comes back, decided to paint not only her hand but her entire arm. Both of them. Legit fingertips to shoulders covered in paint. She’s like ‘I need to wash my hands!’. That’s an understatement. She looked like Crayola threw up on her. No more unsupervised painting…

#4. The wordy mom from A parenting fail so big that she wrote a post on it. Here’s an excerpt, ‘I greeted him with a smile and a kiss, instead of the tears he had come to expect. Right then, he knew something was up. He walked over to Lucy and said hello. She didn’t respond. He snapped his fingers in front of her eyes. Still no response. “There’s something wrong with her,” he said. “How long has she been like this?” Sheepishly, I said, “she’s been quiet all afternoon.” Five minutes later, we were on our way to emerg.’ read more at

#5. Emma from wrote a post this month about her adventures of eating out with a toddler,  Here’s an except, ‘So our food arrived and this is where it started to go downhill. B decided he wasn’t hungry at all. Instead he thought it would be hilarious to do the following, all within quick succession: Blow bubbles in his drink. Stick his fork in his drink. Eat ketchup and mayo from the little square packets. Squidge his fork in to his veggies. Flick them across the table…and the list goes on.’ Read more at Eating out with a toddler…Why do we bother??!

Best of Twitter: #parentingfail

Working Mom vs. Stay at Home Mom: I’ve done both!

Working mom vs. stay at home mom

It’s the ultimate debate in mommyhood

I’m not here to preach which one is best but wanted to share my experience with being both, a working mom and a stay at home mom. I can see the challenges and the perks of both positions and made a decision based on my experience and personal preference. But how many moms get to experience both? Not many. I wish every mom had the opportunity to experience both because it has opened my eyes to my parenting style and has changed the way I plan to parent in the future.

Working Mom

When I was a working mom, I had this mom guilt like you wouldn’t believe. I could never use a babysitter because all non-working hours were dedicated to my children. I would pick them up from daycare and make sure we were able to do something before going home for dinner and doing night routine. We went to the park, the beach, a hike, ride bikes,or the library.  The weekends were just another opportunity to up my game on the outings. We went to museums, farms, aquariums, amusement parks, longer hikes and bikes rides.

I was on a mission to make memories everyday with my children.

Why? Because I was a working mom and I needed to squeeze in these memories after 4pm on the weekdays and on the weekends. I was trying to overcompensate for the hours that I wasn’t home making memories with them. It was all about the children.

But at what cost?

Meanwhile, my marriage was suffering. I was exhausted and didn’t have time to squeeze in time for my husband. We would get a babysitter about every three months, once a season for a couple of hours to enjoy ourselves. That’s four times a year! How did we have a second child, I don’t know. We never had time for each other.

Then I lost the baby weight and then I lost more weight. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, I just didn’t have time to eat. In the morning I rushed around packing bags for daycare and in the evening I was making memories with the kids. Night time routine took forever with prepping three different meals for dinner because everyone wanted something different, two different baths, and two different bed times. I was exhausted. I didn’t stop until after my kids went to bed and my face hit the pillow. I went to sleep hungry.

I bit my nails to the quip with anxiety and I never indulged in self care. That would require time away from the children and that was just not acceptable when I already spent 40 hours away from them working.

Then I lost my job.

I am going on my second month as a stay at home mom. It was so hard the first two weeks adjusting to being a stay at home mom. The first week as a stay at home mom was awful! My toddler had tantrums all day, every day. Why? Because I no longer had mom guilt and was setting limits.  As a working mom, I was so concerned about spending time with my children that I set very few limits.

You want cookies before bed? Sure.

You don’t want to take a nap? Ok.

You want me to buy you that toy? You got it!

I was so stuck on my mom guilt and engulfed in creating these great  memories with my kids that I never stopped to see the bigger picture.

I was creating entitled, spoiled brats.


Now, that I’m a stay at home mom, my guilt is gone. My kids nap everyday, they do chores, I say “no” without flinching, and I even tell them the dreaded phrase, “Because I said so!” I am the parent and I set the limits for my children. It was a challenge at first but now I love it. I use a babysitter, I go on dates with my husband, I eat, I shop, I even watch TV on my kindle when the kids are napping! It’s great! My kids are doing better, I’m doing better, the family is doing better.

All good things must come to an end

As much as I’ve enjoyed being a stay at home mom and regaining control of my household and life, it’s not for me. I enjoy working and I miss it. I miss having an identity other than “mom”. I miss excelling at something and being praised and compensated for what I do best.  I’ve decided to go back to work at a new school at the end of Summer. Being a working mom is not for everyone, same as being a stay at home mom is not for everyone. I honestly wished every mom had the opportunity to try both so they can see where they belong.

Let me Reflect

As I reflect on my experience of being a stay at home mom and returning back to work in the Fall, I know that the guilt I carried and the expectations I had for myself were unrealistic. My kids will be fine if I use a babysitter. They will be fine if I say “No”. Every day doesn’t have to be an adventure and it’s ok for my kids to be bored and wait for mommy. If there is one thing I learned from this, it’s a healthy mommy makes a healthy family.

Saving Money at the Grocery Store: How I cut my snack allowance in half!

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

I feed a family of 4, two adults and two toddlers and I am always looking for ways to save money on groceries. Toddlers may not eat as much food as an adult but they are still expensive to feed when you take into account all the “special” food I need to buy for them. For example, I need to buy apple sauce pouches because my children have not yet mastered the skill of spoon to mouth. I also need to buy 5 cartons of almond milk a week! And don’t forget the snacks! My kids don’t eat meals. Instead they graze all day.

I’m currently unemployed and a stay at home mom so I took some of this time and geared it towards saving on our grocery bill. This week I was able to cut our snack allowance in half! How did I do this? I shopped around, couponed, bought in bulk and got creative.

Shop around!

While I was at Big Lots looking for party supplies, I noticed that their apple sauce pouches were insanely cheap compared to my local grocery store. A sale on apple sauce pouches at my local grocery store is usually 4 pouches for $2.50. I cringe every week when I have to buy these. That’s over .60 cents a pouch. Ugh! While perusing the aisles at Big Lots I noticed they sell the 12 packs of the same apple sauce pouches for $4.00! I quickly did the math and realized that’s only .33 cents a pouch. That’s getting the same pouches for half off! I grabbed enough for the month.


While looking over the grocery store flyer, I noticed Cheerios were on sale for $2 a box if you buy 4 boxes. Not a bad deal when you compare them to baby puffs. Baby puffs are around $2 a container and only 1.5 oz. A Cheerios box is 9 oz. and for the same price you get 6 times more cereal! Not only was this a good deal, but had .50 cent Cheerios coupons that double at my store. After my Saving star rebate of $1, each box was only .75 cents!

While I was grocery shopping I noticed Smart Food was on sale for $1.99 a bag and each bag had a coupon on it for $1 off when you buy 2. I bought two bags for $3.

Get Creative!

When I looked into the shopping cart, I quickly realized I had some great supplies for trail mix. Cheerios, popcorn, and I needed something else…PRETZELS! I grabbed a giant family size bag of pretzels for $3. I was going to grab some M&M’s for the trail mix but decided against it, only because I know one of my kids would only eat the M&M’s and refuse the rest. I now have the supplies to make trail mix all month long for less than $10!

I was spending $10 a week in snacks with pretzels, veggie fries, and apple sauce pouches. By shopping around, using coupons, and getting creative, I was able to cut our snack budget in half!

Do you have a creative way of saving? Please share!

Milk Soy Protein Intolerance: A journey to finding the silver lining

What is Milk Soy Protein Intolerance?

Milk Soy Protein Intolerance, MSPI is when a baby cannot break down the proteins in milk or soy. Depending on the severity of the intolerance, it can manifest itself it a variety of ways, including: eczema, diarrhea, irritability (that’s an understatement), refusal to eat, weight loss, and blood in the stool.

A new mother, a MSPI baby, and a journey to finding the silver lining.


Our little bundle of joy couldn’t wait to meet us and arrived a week early on June 28, 2014.  My water broke at 8pm the night before. I labored at home for four hours then was admitted to the hospital. Everything went as planned. Our son was born at a healthy 7 lbs. 10 oz at 7:42am. His APGAR was great and he immediately took to the breast. He was healthy, I was healthy, we stayed the mandatory 48 hours and left the hospital with our son as new parents. The first week at home was uneventful. Our baby was a typical newborn that fed on demand, pooped, and slept a lot.  Because I was on unpaid maternity leave, my husband and I agreed that he should go back to work. That was the first week.

Week 2

The second week I started to notice a difference in our son. He appeared irritable and started to cry often. He was also hungry all the time and he started to sleep less. As a concerned mother, I mentioned this to his primary care and was told that he might have reflux and was feeding more often to soothe the discomfort. We left the doctors with a prescription for Zantac.

Week 3

I’m not a doctor but I knew something was wrong.

The third week was worse than the second week. My son cried for 18 hours of the day. I now fed him every half hour to try to console him. I was exhausted! No one was sleeping and my breast were engorged from all the breast feeding. I was in pain and I could tell my son was in pain. We went to the doctors again. This time the doctor told me that he did not have reflux, and perhaps all the dairy I was eating was making his stomach upset. I was told to take him off the reflux medication and to stop eating so much dairy. I could still eat good dairy like yogurt but was told to stop eating ice cream and milk. As I reflect back, this was one of the dumbest suggestions anyone has every told me but I was a new mother and just wanted my son to stop crying.

My son now started throwing up after his feedings. I was told that this was because my son was over eating to soothe the reflux. I was told to decrease his feeds and the medicine will help with the burn of reflux. Meanwhile I stopped going to breast feeding support group at the hospital. I was embarrassed by my son’s constant crying, and my leaky, over active breast while other mother’s were struggling with their supply.  A couple of my friends had babies around the same time I did and I was so full of jealousy, envy, and spite that they were bonding with their babies while I couldn’t console my baby. I stopped going out all together.

Week 4

By the fourth week, friends, family and my ob-gyn started to question my sanity.

“She’s overtired.”

“That baby sure is colicky.”

“She might have post partum depression.”

“I think breast feeding is too much for her.”

Something needed to change; I was tired, my baby was colicky, and maybe I did have post partum depression. I switched to formula.


Week 5

Week 5 I saw the doctor to tell them there were no improvements switching to formula. They told me it takes time to adjust to formula and it can take even more time to find the right one. We were put back on the zantac and told to give it time. Despite my concerns I was told that my son was gaining great weight and that’s what really matters.

Week 6

Something broke in me. I snapped.

This wasn’t colic, this wasn’t post partum, new mom jitters, or lack of sleep. I was a new mom taking the experts advice because I didn’t know any better. Well, now I know I’m my son’s strongest advocate and I will do anything to get his needs met, even if that means questioning authority. Something was seriously wrong and I was going to find out what it is and get my baby the help he needs. I scoured the internet for resources and found a childhood friend who went through a similar experience. She had some extra cans of a hypo-allergenic formula and wanted to know if I wanted to try it. Absolutely!

Instantly, my baby started to show some relief. I knew this was the answer and quickly informed my primary care of the changes that I saw in my baby and wanted her to prescribe my son this formula. Instead of seeing relief in my doctor’s eyes, I found doubt. She actually questioned my reasons for wanting this formula prescribed and treated me like I was looking for free formula. She wanted me to go back to the old formula or breast feeding for three days, so she could take a stool sample and test it for blood to prove he had MSPI.


Enough is enough! I said NO! With that as my final answer, she told me there was nothing else she could do and I would need to see a children’s gastroenterologist. I thought this was progress, a specialist is what I believe my son needs. However, I was told they are located hours away from my home and that there are waiting lists that can take up to three months. Despite what I felt like were her multiple attempts to deter me from seeing one, I was adamant for a phone number to schedule the appointment.

I called Children’s hospital and was able to see a gastroenterologist the very next day!

I went there with three pages, back and front documenting my son’s feeding, crying, and sleep schedule, ready to fight. Instead, I was welcomed by a doctor who listened, heard my concerns and VALIDATED every concern I had. In fact, he told me MSPI is pretty common and my son was displaying almost all of the symptoms. He asked for a stool sample, but acknowledged that there might not be blood in the stool for a number of reasons including switching to a formula and the severity of the MSPI. He gave me a prescription for the formula and even offered to have me see a nutritionist if I wanted to start a dairy/soy free diet to start breast feeding again. It was such an amazing experience to feel heard and find the help my son needed.

My son did end up having blood in his stool at his 3 month check up, but due to the gastroenterologist ascertaining my claims, I was treated differently with my primary care doctor. My son was instantly prescribed an elemental formula and an apology for them not acting faster on my son’s MSPI.

This experience has changed me forever

I recently took a silly online personality test and was shocked to see I scored the highest in assertiveness. This was surprised me because I do not consider myself assertive at all. I was the shy child who hid behind my parents legs, the student who did all her work and never asked questions, the worker who attended every meeting and took notes. I never spoke back and always did what I was told.

That was the old me, Pre-MSPI.

Since my experience with MSPI and the obstacles that I needed to go through to get my son the care that he needs, I have found my voice, my strength and my self-worth. I no longer second guess myself and now take charge of my life. I speak up, I share my knowledge, and I question authority.  MSPI has changed me. I hope no one ever has to experience what I went through but if you do, I hope you can turn a negative into a positive and find the silver lining.

Find Support

My journey with MSPI was a challenging and lonely experience. However, with my second son, I found support that helped tremendously during those long, sleepless nights. If you suspect MSPI, I highly recommend the Facebook support groups MSPI AND REFLUX MAMAS and REFLUX REBELS


Want to shop for free? I’ll show you how!

Want to learn how to shop for free? I’ll show you how!

Yesterday I found a really good deal on diapers. In fact, it was such a great deal, I bought a year’s worth of diapers! Do you want to know how much it cost me?



Well, technically the diapers cost me $100 but I used my rebate apps to pay for it. There are dozens of rebate apps out there but I want to share with you my top 4 rebate apps that take minutes to use and save me a ton of money every year! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to shop for FREE!

1. Ebates

Ebates is an app that gives you money back to shop online! You can make money shopping over 2,000 online stores! I frequently buy online at Target, Amazon, and Macy’s, all stores that offer money back on Ebates. Get paid to buy items you were already going to buy. How great is that?! If you are interested in saving money, sign up, here and earn your first $10 for just signing up!

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that offers rebates for shopping online and in store. I often use Ibotta for grocery shopping. Simply find your store in the app, view the items that offer rebates, purchase, and take a picture of the receipt. It’s that easy! I save about a $1-2 a week using Ibotta for my groceries. How do I buy gifts with $1-2 savings? Well it adds up! I save all year and then by Christmas, I have about $100 saved to spend on gifts. What are you waiting for?! Sign up here and earn your first $20 within the first month with all of their extra bonuses for new users!

3. Check Out 51

Check out 51 is similar to Ibotta, where you chose the items you want to redeem, upload the receipt and GET PAID!

4. Saving Star

Sign up and enter your local loyalty card. Pick the items that you plan on buying and the app. does the rest! Wait and watch the money accumulate!

These are the four apps that I use weekly to save money on items I already buy. Last year I saved over $200 from these apps. Can you believe it?! $200 for shopping!

What apps do you use to save money?


I won the Liebster Award!


Feeling grateful that my hard work is being recognized across the internet. I would like to thank Amanda from Ambitiously, Amanda for noticing my efforts and nominating me for the Liebster Award. You can check out her blog at Ambitiously, Amanda. Amanda’s blog is a lifestyle blog that focuses on her experiences at University. I love the aesthetics of her blog!


The Liebster Award was created years ago by bloggers for bloggers. It is an award recognizing small, up and coming bloggers with the goal of welcoming them into the blogging community, getting to know the new blogger and spreading awareness of their blogging efforts. As a way of getting to know the new blogger, the Liebster Award requires you to answer a few questions when you accept the award.


1. Tell us about your blog.
I started my blog shortly after I found out that I was being laid-off. After working for the same school for over five years and now faced with the unknown, I started the blog to document my new endeavors of finding my new niche in life. I also wanted to share my adventures in parenthood and how I manage to live within my means by saving money.
2. What has been the most rewarding experience your blog has brought you?
I think losing a job and the stability from that job can be a stressful experience. Instead of focusing on the negatives of this experience, I have refocused my efforts into this blog to be more productive. So far, I’m staying positive during this life changing situation.
3. What is the best piece of advice you can give your readers?
The possibilities are endless but you don’t know unless you try. Take risks and enjoy the ride!
4. What is your favorite travel destination and why?
I love the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It’s close to home, affordable, the views are amazing, it’s great all year round, and I love nature!
5. Where would you love to go in the world?
I would like to someday visit the Mayan ruins in Mexico and experience Thailand.
6. If someone were visiting you town, what would you suggest they do?
Go to the beach then grab a cup of chowdah and a lobstah roll downtown.
7. What makes you deliriously happy?
Making memories with my family and getting a crazy good deal.
8. What is your guilty pleasure?
I’m addicted to teen shows and novels. Teen wolf, The 100, Vampire diaries, The Hunger Games, Twilight Series, Harry Potter, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!
9. What is a difficult obstacle you have had to overcome?
I was a special education student with a severe expressive and receptive language disability. I worked really hard to overcome this disability by graduating high school, going to college and becoming certified as a special education teacher myself.
10. What are you most grateful for in your life?
My family and friends.


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